A Radical Approach to Forest Sector Tune-up – Gauging Forest Sector Value Potential Through User Experiences (FORTUNE)

The key argument behind the Fortune project is that forest sector needs renewal through new innovative initiatives. User perspective to innovations and value creation represents a highly promising novel approach. The assumption is that research around this theme will highlight important opportunities for the forest sector renewal because:

- User and consumer perspectives into value creation can significantly broaden our understanding of the value creation potential of the forest sector.

- There is a need for more balanced understanding of the value creation potential of forests. Such balance will be based on intangible and tangible values and          innovations.

- More balanced value creation concept will enhance sustainable interaction between humans and forests, and discovery of new innovation potential.

Along these lines Fortune project can bring up valuable new ideas on, how forests can create sustainable value for businesses, consumers, citizens and Finland as a nation. Fortune consortia in itself has good capabilities to take the project forward and its international network will provide a valuable contribution towards strategic research initiative.  

The project is carried out in collaboration between University of Vaasa/SC-Research, VTT and University of Helsinki.

Further information about Fortune project (in Finnish): www.fortunefinland.fi/fortune_mika_fortune.html