New research project: Enabling Technologies and Innovation Capabilities as Drivers of Industrial Renewal – An International Comparative Analysis (iREN)

In Finland and most other developed countries manufacturing, even after its diminished size, continues to be the backbone of the economy in terms of employment, exports and value added. In order to survive and grow, industrial manufacturing in developed countries needs to renew themselves. While digitalization and enabling technologies can facilitate renewal of manufacturing and bringing it back to these countries, the changes can also be disruptive for the existing manufacturing that is driving strongly.

Three main aims of the iREN research project are:
  • Improved ability to harness industrial renewal, related skills, technologies and capabilities for the benefit of the society
  • Increased understanding of the industrial renewal phenomena and forces driving the change
  • In-depth understanding of industrial- and innovation policies and practices in Austria, Finland, Germany and the U.S.A.

iREN project further strengthens international research profile of the SC-Research and it builds on the research results and networks established in earlier projects towards USA, Germany, and Austria.