5.2.2013 TEKES workshop for rapid development research projects

In early February, TEKES organised in Helsinki a workshop for ten projects researching rapid service and product development. These projects are conducted by multiple Finnish universities and research institutes, including SC-Research, VTT, Aalto, and universities in Lappeenranta, Turku, Jyväskylä and Eastern Finland. Most of the projects had started a few months earlier, so they were still in their initial stages. The intent of the workshop was for the researchers to network with each other and share their understanding and experiences of rapid development, service prototyping, experiments and related activities.

Representatives from each project presented briefly their research goals. Workshop participants were encouraged to give feedback to each project. SC-Research was represented by Juha Vänskä and Juha Arrasvuori, who presented goals of the NOVUS project. NOVUS was commented to be particularly interesting due to its focus on studying rapid service development tools and processes in SMEs in a local innovation ecosystem.

The workshop was concluded with an exercise, where the key characteristics of rapid development were mapped out. Although the ten research projects were still in their early starting stages, they promised interesting research findings to be published in the near future. Further information about the projects can be obtained from: rapid.mixxt.com