Discontinuous Innovation Project II: Integrating customer and user into innovation (DIP-FI II)

Discontinuous Innovation Project DIP-FI II is part of Discontinuous Innovation Project – Finland -research program that is carried out in collaboration between Aalto University School of Technology and Science/Innovation Management Institute (IMI) and SC-Research (SCR) at Lappeenranta University of Technology. The DIP-FI research process is structured around three stages: search, selection and implementation of discontinuous and radical innovations. During 2008-2009 IMI and SCR carried out the research on the first two stages (search and selection) of the innovation process.

The second phase DIP-FI II (2010-2011) focuses on the implementation stage of discontinuous and radical innovations. DIP-FI II aims at improving the competitiveness of Finnish companies by creating new knowledge about discontinuous and radical innovations and the factors that support and hinder their development. The project focuses on understanding the ways in which users and customers are involved in the different phases of concept development and commercialization processes of discontinuous and radical innovations. Based on qualitative data collected during the project, best practices and action models for the concept development and commercialization of discontinuous and radical innovations will be identified and developed.

DIP-FI II is part of the international Innovation Laboratory (ILab) project including research partners from 11 countries. Innovation Laboratory is the world’s leading community of expertise in the field of innovation. The network provides a common framework for the activities within the DIP project. The aim of ILab is to build an ongoing, interactive community that fosters the creation and sharing of knowledge around innovation. Along the way, research is conducted on a wide, international database. Once a year an international conference gives a synopsis of the results yielded in the national workshops. DIP-FI II project provides the opportunity to compare the innovation practices of Finnish companies to the practices of companies in other countries involved in the ILab community.

DIP-FI II-project, funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation TEKES and participating businesses, is carried out in 24 months period in 2010-2012 (4/2010-3/2012).

For further information, please contact Juha Vänskä, juha.vanska(a)lut.fi