2009 International Conference on Service Science at Beijing University, 14-15. May.

Jari Kuusisto from the SC-Research / Lappeenranta University of Technology was panelist at the National Policies on Service Science and Innovation session. Other participants were:

- Prof. Stephen K. Kwan, San Josť State University, California, USA.
- Prof. Jae H. Min,Sogang University, Korea
- Prof. Xinmin Gao, Standing Vice-Chairman, Internet Society of China

Some of these countries have devised public policies and service innovation roadmaps to foster the development of their service industry as well as curriculum development in their institutions of higher education. This panel was made up of representatives from countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas to present their countries' views and share their experience in discussions.

The ICSS 2009 features a mix of academia, industry, and cross-discipline topics related to service that illustrate the need for integrating perspectives and approaches, the need for a science of service, as well as the latest progress on Service Science. The conference serves as a platform for worldwide professors, industry practitioners, researchers, and students to exchange latest progress including research results on Service Science, experience of teaching Service course, case studies on industry practices, etc.