Inventing with Nokia

The creation of inventions can be approached systematically by using a range of methods, argues Associate Professor Juha Arrasvuori from SC-Research.

He has had the opportunity to evaluate a small part of Nokia’s invention activities while developing invention creation methods together with top inventors from Nokia Technologies.

Nokia Technologies already used an invention creation method that had produced good results, but they wanted to enhance it and, at the same time, to obtain external insight into using the method. As part of developing the invention creation methods, Juha Arrasvuori has organized in collaboration with researchers from Nokia Technologies a series of workshops.

The practical usefulness of these methods has become apparent, as already more than twenty patent applications have been filed on inventions created collaboratively by using the methods.

Similar development of invention methods and assisting businesses in putting them into use could be a part of the university’s services offering, considers Arrasvuori.