Consumer Innovation in Finland - Incidence, Diffusion and Policy Implications (InFi)

The InFi-project was a joint effort between:

MIT Sloan School of Management / Eric von Hippel
UN University of MERIT /  Fred Gault
University of Rotterdam / Jeroen de Jong
Technical University of Munich / Christina Raasch
University of Vaasa / Jari Kuusisto.

The research is covering important new ground by analyzing innova- tion behavior among individual consumers. The objectives of the project were to:

    • Measure the intensity and diffusion of consumer innovations in Finland

    • Develop indicators that enable monitoring of consumer innovation

    • Inform policy makers and businesses on the implications of consumer in- novation

The analysis consists of three surveys that obtained responses from 3,167 Finnish citizens. The three samples are: a) a representative sample of 993 Finnish consumers aged 18 to 65, b) 1,055 Finnish consumers who were likely to be innovative, and c) 1,119 medical sector respondents (patients and caregivers, nurses and doctors).

The project was funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Tekes. For further details and full research report, download the document from the following link [Download here], or contact Jari Kuusisto: kuusisto@mit.edu