Transforming the un-logics of the institutional logics of Finnish Forest Sector-workshop with Professor Stephen L. Vargo

Selina Liang and Juha Vänskä participated the workshop that was organised by the consortium of Fortune research project in Espoo on the 29th April 2013. During the workshop, research group members from VTT, University of Helsinki and SC-Research presented and discussed with Fortune business partners about the recent findings of the project covering the a number of topics related, e.g. to the intangible and experiential value of forests, and the role of customers and end-users in the renewal of forest sector.

The Fortune consortium had a privilege to discuss about research findings and to exchange ideas for the future research activities with the founding father of Service-Dominant-Logic (SDL), Professor Stephen L. Vargo from University of Hawaii, who participated the workshop. Based on these discussions it became obvious that SDL provides new, important insights to identify and analyse innovation potential and value creation opportunities across the forest sector.